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On March 11th 2018, Sean Grismer was seriously injured while on vacation in the Dominican Republic. He was immediately flown to Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC on March 13th for spinal surgery.  He became a paraplegic with no feeling below his chest.  He also suffered a traumatic head injury and fractured skull.  In the months since the accident, Sean has been determine to recover from his accident and regain his ability to walk again. Over the last year, he has been to multiple rehab facilities along the east coast and currently is showing great progress at Barwis Rehabilitation Facility in Deerfield, Florida.

As many of you know, rehabilitation care can be extremely expensive and insurance will only cover so much.  Our goal is to help Sean and his family with their financial needs in order to give Sean the best chance to fully recover from him injuries and return to living independently. This is a long battle that the Grismers are on, and our hope is that they can focus on helping Sean achieve his goals in his rehabilitation, not his finances.  

All of your love, support and donations are appreciated from the bottom of our hearts!

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Donations Can Be Made In Person At

BNB Bank in Hampton Bays, Southampton or Bridgehampton to the Sean Grismer Trust

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Sean Grismer is a 22 year old Hampton Bays resident who was a local high school sports star and student.  While in college on vacation in the Domincian Republic in March 2018, he fell from a balcony and was seriously injured. Sean was rushed back to New York and underwent spinal surgery at Mt Sinai Hospital in NYC on March 13th 2018.


Sean had emerged from the accident as a paraplegic, with no sensation from his chest down. A thirteen hour surgery left him with a spinal fusion, two rods, 16 screws and a metal “cage” inserted in his back. He also suffered an extreme head trauma, including a fractured skull.


He has a long road to recovery ahead of him when it comes to regaining the ability to walk, but Sean's determination has already brought him so far and we are seeing progress everyday!

Stay tuned on Sean's journey through Facebook, GoFundMe or this website. Your kind, inspiring words and prayers are always appreciated.  Words can not express our gratitude for your continued support and financial donations!




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